Motivational Stipe Miocic Quotes 2020

Telling everyone about your difficult situation is like making fun of yourself. People will pay attention as if they are going to proffer a solution to your problem but behind your back laugh and call you a foolish person. Below we are sharing a collection of Stipe Miocic Quotes. We hope these motivational quotes will inspire you to take action so that you can achieve your dreams.

Motivational Stipe Miocic Quotes 2020

1. “You can look at it and say I’m doing this better or that better, but the bottom line is, I just learned to be mentally tougher.” Stipe Miocic

2. “Saving people, helping people, is just something I always wanted to do.” Stipe Miocic

3. “I’m going to be the champion for a long time.” Stipe Miocic

4. “I love this city. There’s Cleveland pride in it for me. Everyone has each other’s backs here.” Stipe Miocic

5. “I just work hard at everything I do. If there’s something I need to learn, I stick to it, I learn it and put everything I have toward it.” Stipe Miocic

6. “I’m the best in the division. I know I am.” Stipe Miocic

7. “I am always going to be the same guy. The fireman that lives in Cleveland.” Stipe Miocic

8. “I love baseball and love the Indians and all the teams here.” Stipe Miocic

9. “I understand it’s promotion, but no one ever gave me a chance. No one ever thought I’d be the champ, and look where I’m at now.” Stipe Miocic

10. “I told you I’m the best in the world.” Stipe Miocic

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11. “I like helping people.” Stipe Miocic

12. “I don’t care about history; all I care about is winning.” Stipe Miocic

13. “I love what I do, both aspects – fighting and being a firefighter and paramedic.” Stipe Miocic

14. “I’m not scared to go to the ground. I’ve been wrestling my whole life. I’ve done a lot of jiu-jitsu, but I like standing up, and every fight starts there.” Stipe Miocic

15. “You are a role model to people. You gotta make sure you’re doing the right thing.” Stipe Miocic

Top Stipe Miocic Quotes

16. “I think I train too hard.” Stipe Miocic

17. “It’s nice to see different places and different parts of the world. It’s pretty cool, though I hate flying!” Stipe Miocic

18. “I’m going to do what I want to do. If he wants to go to the ground, that’s fine. I’m a wrestler.” Stipe Miocic

19. “My day job keeps me grounded. When I show up to work, I’m not some starfighter or anything, I’m just Stipe. I’m going to keep working in my hometown as long as I can.” Stipe Miocic

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20. “What makes me so confident is my coaches, my team: they are the best in the world, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.” Stipe Miocic

21. “When you train as hard as we do, bad things happen sometimes. It’s just part of the sport.” Stipe Miocic

22. “I like being the underdog. I like turning around and shutting people up when they tell me I can’t.” Stipe Miocic

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23. “I make no excuses. Stefan Struve was the man that night. He earned his win fair and square.” Stipe Miocic

24. “I like winning, and I worked too hard to get where am at now. I’m not giving it up.” Stipe Miocic

25. “One guy might be ranked higher, but it doesn’t mean anything. Where these fights go, lots of things can happen.” Stipe Miocic

26. “I’ve done things that weren’t good, you know, but I made up for my mistakes.” Stipe Miocic

Top Stipe Miocic Quotes

27. “I’m never going to change who I am for the UFC.” Stipe Miocic

28. “I wouldn’t want my corner throwing in the towel no matter what. I wouldn’t want my corner to do that.” Stipe Miocic

29. “I think everyone has knockout power. I mean, it’s the heavyweight division.” Stipe Miocic

30. “Cro Cop is one of the best in the world and such a great guy. It was awesome to train with him. There’s nothing better than working with him, and it was a great experience.” Stipe Miocic

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