Top Jim Brown Quotes 2020

When life knocks you down, don’t lie there wondering how it all happened. Shake off the dust and navigate your way back up. Below we are sharing a collection of Top Jim Brown Quotes. We hope these amazing quotes by Top Jim Brown will motivate you to keep moving forward and achieve the success that you deserve.

 Top Jim Brown Quotes 2020

1. “I think of my life as a journey, and I’m still on it.” Jim Brown

2. “I loved the game. We played because we loved it.” Jim Brown

3. “Success is not only for the elite. Success is there for those who want it, plan for it, and take action to achieve it.” Jim Brown

4. “When you go out on a football field, you are responsible for taking care of yourself. The more rules you get, the fewer players truly take care of themselves.” Jim Brown

5. “I set my standards so high, no one could be harsher on me than I was.” Jim Brown

Top Jim Brown Quotes

6. “There were a lot of running backs as good as me. The real difference was that I could focus. I never laid back and relied on natural ability.” Jim Brown

7. “The three greatest people in my life as a young person were white. I’m not a person that really deals in color.” Jim Brown

8. “I would never try to motivate anyone to follow me. I would motivate him to follow certain principles.” Jim Brown

9. “When you have a problem, rules don’t solve your problem. It’s caring and education.” Jim Brown

10. “I had a choice to be lazy or lean – if I hadn’t changed, things probably would catch up with me.” Jim Brown

Top Daddy Yankee Quotes 2020

11. “Teammates are there for each other even after the noise of the crowd is gone.” Jim Brown

12. “Education, family, character, intelligence, humility, okay? These are the things that make a culture live.” Jim Brown

13. “There was no publicity. You had to like it. There was no pressure, just great competition. The attitude of the coaches and players was exceptional.” Jim Brown

14. “I’m not pro-owner or pro-player. I am pro-football. I want the game to go on. I want the game to be tough. I don’t want the game to be a killer of our players.” Jim Brown

15. “You cannot get me to be disloyal to a friend. You just can’t do it. Loyalty is a part of what I live by. I didn’t say I was going to be loyal to my friend because he was right. I’m going to be loyal to my friend because he’s my friend.” Jim Brown

Top Jim Brown Quotes

16. “I don’t deal in frustration. I’m a fighter. And everything I’ve ever gotten, I’ve had to fight for.” Jim Brown

17. “Money has stepped to the forefront of everything.” Jim Brown

18. “Money has changed today’s black athletes. Those who have the ability as African men to bring a change in a community that so desperately needs it are concentrating only on their own careers, some charities, and how much money they can make.” Jim Brown

19. “I want the violence among young people in this country to stop – particularly gang violence.” Jim Brown

20. “If you truly believe something, and it’s incorrect, that doesn’t mean you don’t have integrity.” Jim Brown

Top Jim Brown Quotes

21. “I listened to my kids talk about me as a parent, and I learned about things they wished I’d done and said. And I wished that I had done more of those things.” Jim Brown

22. “I learned a long time ago that advice is a quick trip to nowhere. It’s the commitment that only you can make in yourself, the responsibility to assume control of yourself.” Jim Brown

23. “When you think of the sacrifices our firefighters make, think about the service of soldiers in foreign lands and listen to their lives, you have to be careful that whatever you do, don’t cast a shadow on what these great people do.” Jim Brown

24. “I’d like to make one thing very clear: Muhammad Ali loved people, and he had white friends as well as black friends – and the only thing that he hated was discrimination and racism.” Jim Brown

25. “The power is between your ears. The power is in your heart.” Jim Brown

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